CCTV & Alarms

Our CCTV and Alarm systems wil ensure your property is secure and your family is
safe and sound under our protection.


In todays society, crime is unfortunately a fact of life.
Our security systems form an effective deterrent to unwanted guests as well as providing peace of mind to your security and well being.
Ace4digital supply and install the very latest in CCTV technology to fit every budget.

For the vast majority of people, our homes and our businesses are our most valuable assets so protecting them makes perfect sense.
Our systems can be designed to suit a small dwelling or business to a complete block of flats, school, hospital or warehouse.

The latest systems allow HD viewing remotely on smart phones or tablets meaning you have the image access from anywhere in the world.
Whether you are security conscious or just want to keep an eye on a elderly relative or pet, we can provide a system to suit your needs and your pocket.
Our fully fitted professional systems with recorder start from as little as £495.


Our very latest alarm systems provide wire-free technology while incorporating the very latest features and reliability.
Not only can one of our PIR’s detect an intruder and raise an AUDIO alarm, they can even PHOTOGRAPH the unwanted guest providing photographic evidence for a conviction.
Our alarms are proven systems that are useful for protecting premises, including residential properties, shops, offices, warehouses etc.

Our systems are so advanced they can report Fire, Theft, Intrusion as well as carbon monoxide fumes and even flooding.
Through your smart phone or via the internet you can keep a continuous track of everything that is happening in your home or business.
This system is environmentally friendly, advanced and affordable.
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